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My name is Ijaz and I’m from Peshawar – Pakistan. I’m a Masters scholar of Software Engineering in Wuhan University, the highlights of my academic career start back from 2007 when I finished my high school and went to a technical college where I completed my three years diploma of associate engineering in Electronics Technology in 2011, after that I started my bachelor degree and select Software Engineering as majors. In May 2015 I completed my undergraduate degree and started job at a software company (CreativeXLab) – where I worked for one year as Web Developer (in PHP) and became part of several projects. In September 2016 I came to china and started my Master’s Degree in Software Engineering that will hopefully complete in June 2018.

  • 2017 - CHINA

    Joined EDGE Program (as an Intern)

  • 2016 - CHINA

    Started MS at Wuhan Universiy (in Software Engineering)

  • 2015 - PAKISTAN

    Started working at CreativeXLab (as Web Developer)

  • 2015 - PAKISTAN

    Graduated from University of Malakand (in Software Engineering)

  • 2010 - PAKISTAN

    Got associate diploma from GCT Timergara (in Electronics Technology)

  • Me at Wuhan Univesity China


    During the last months of my Bachelor studies I worked as an internee in CreativeXLab for six months, After completing my degree I worked there for 1 year as a Web Developer and became part of many projects. While working under the supervision of some great Software Engineers and team leaders i learned the skills of professional software development - especially Web-Development. Besides working as a Software Engineer i have attend several activities and training sessions related to Management and Entrepreneurship and have learned diverse skills.


    I completed my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering where I have been taught several courses of Software Engineering i.e. Software Architecture, Requirements Engineering, Datastructure, Calculus, Project Management, Object Oriented Programming and much more.


    Entrepreneurship is my personal favorite subject but while studying it as an academic course and participating in several activities related to marketing and business startup i achieved a good understanding of this area.


    Software Engineering is the field of Management as well as making the actual Softwares. Beside studying academic courses i.e. Project Management and Human Resource Management i attended several semenars and training sessions related to Management because of my passion towards it.


    PHP (Scripting Language)

    Generally i have a good programming background but compared to other programming languages i know PHP syntax very well, and can use some of the popular PHP frameworks.

    MySQL (Database)

    While working with SQL Database for a long time i have learned MySQL very well and i'm able now to implement it in developing professional projects.

    HTML, CSS & JavaScript

    Having a good sense of designing i can design attractive and user friendly websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and can make a good use of jQuery and Bootstrap as well.

    Adobe Photoshop

    I have an excellent experience of Photoshop - from Photography to Graphics Designing and Website Designing i can do marvelous designing using Photoshop.

    Adobe Illustrator

    I know the full power of Adobe Illustrator and can use it very well, I can design logos, monograms and can draw any kind of illustration in it.


    I know the basic concepts of java and can do beginner level projects in it. But i have a strong programming background so learning the syntax is easy for me.


    I have made some beginner level projects in Arduino and i know the basics of it. and because of my interest in electronics now i'm learning the advance programming in Arduino.


    Before my bachelor's degree i have obtained a three years associate diploma in Electronics, and have also worked practically in the field of Electronics.


    Sr. No. Language Reading Writing Speaking Listening
    1 English Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
    2 Chinese  (中文) Fair Fair Poor Poor
    3 Urdu  (اردو) Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    4 Arabic  (العربیہ) Excellent Excellent Poor Fair
    5 Hindi  (हिंदी) Nill Nill Excellent Good
    6 Pashto  (پښتو) Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent


    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator
    Corona SDK